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HariCharan SharmaWelcome to Marble Palace!!! Thank you for your interest in our Company. Our Founder Late Shri N.HariCharan Sharma ji started marble business since early 1980. At Marble Palace we are dedicated to the design, quality and customer satisfaction, and we do it gathering the experience and expertise of our skilled labour . We supply any kind of marble,granites, putting quality always as the top requirement in the market. We manufacture sculptures, ornamental mosaics and medallions, bathroom decoration, and any type of façades among others. All these products are developed with care from the very concepts and sketches to the final laying. Two important stakes of that process are the Art Team, responsible for the drawing of sketches and brain-storming of new concepts and ideas; and the Preview Team which enables the customer to see a virtual representation of the final product. Only taking the proper attention to material quality and design, and tailoring it to the customer needs, we are able to provide a distinctive final product which through our known manufacturing tradition and product care clearly stands out from others.

Granite, Marble and Natural Stone Supplier

Prefab Granite and Marble, Commercial Stone for Hospitality Specialists, Fabricators, Distributors, Contractors, Developers, Architects, Builders, Designers & Tradesmen Granite, Marble and Natural Stone materials from MARBLE PALACE Stone-Group, the premier supplier of top-quality marble, supplying stone for commercial projects & larger residential from all over the world at a fraction of the cost available to you anywhere. MARBLE PALAC Stone Group is a powerful collaboration of the finest quarries & factories in the world's stone market, providing the best production & resources including the finest selections of natural stones available today with state of the art machinery, equipment & facilities worldwide. MARBLE PALACE's materials transforms your projects from the ordinary to breathtaking, creating pure perfection with an affordable and beautiful result expected in the stone industry.

Marble Granite and Natural stone For Hotel Renovations and Commercial Projects

Your Commercial Granite, Marble & Natural Stone from MARBLE PALACE arrives in containers shipped directly to your destinations from our exclusive stone quarries & Prefab Granite and Marble fabrication plants abroad, cutting prices dramatically for all our clients. By dealing direct, you save time and money for you and your customers for customized projects, personal inventory, distribution, wholesale & retail, beating your regular suppliers and competition. Special custom projects and sizes are our specialty. Granite, Marble & Stones Surfaces - Today's hotel renovation and new building trade have one element in common: Stone… Granite, Marble & Stones etc, do not need to be the most expensive surfaces as thought by many, MARBLE PALACE's Stone programs allow you to customize any stone for any project no matter the specification. In today's stone market, to be competitive means having that special resource, service & quality, that perfect edge, to win those bids that normally get lost by local fabricators.

Today, you can win project after project. Our stone products are ideal for a multitude of commercial or residential interior or exterior applications. No other stone group or company in the world exceeds MARBLE PALACE-Stone Group products, Hotel Properties, Resorts, Casinos, Banks, Condos, Retail Chains, Office Buildings & Residential Developments including larger individual homes. MARBLE PALACE recognizes the demand of the global stone market and the different qualities that come from different parts of the world. This enables MARBLE PALACE to supply you with some of the most sought out stone materials that is being sold in today's market. We can supply large quantities including bundles or even a container in a matter of days. What this means to you is the perfect program for any MARBLE PALACE customer, Architect, Designer, Fabricator, Distributor, Importer, Dealer, independent or not with a back up and support system that is unique today. Some people say what kind of investment is required, well there is none we just want your business and were here to help you do exactly that.Additionally MARBLE PALACE's unique distribution network brings additional sales to you through our direct enquiry line, links & web sites. MARBLE PALACE has a (Designer purchasing group sales program,) which we receive throughout INDIA from the elite registered Designers and Architects . From these enquiries, all types of stone materials & special processing requests, including special sizes and custom fabrications ready to install come to our attention, from Architectural Stones, Countertops, Vanities, tiles, slabs etc.

Marble and Granite Dealer : What is the price for marble and Granite? What is the price for marble tiles? Marble flooring designs?

MARBLE PALACE Stone Group has revolutionized the stone industry by pioneering the most cost-effective and practical way to tap into the granite fabrication industry. MARBLE PALACE has seen much interest over the years with prefabricated granite; it has proven to be a useful alternative for budget priced countertops. MARBLE PALACE and the Setimar Stone Groups have created the perfect offering with our unique pre-fab & pre-cut component system. This is an exclusive ready to install program for all types of countertops with many granites, marble & quartz in our prefabricated granite systems. Distributors, fabricators and entrepreneurs become the go-to source for MARBLE PALACE's modular System of made-to-fit countertops and vanity components. These finished & complete components are supplied to you for less than the cost of an entire raw slab. Can you win more bids than any other fabricator "Yes" It's simple, better-looking material, better quality, professional service, and better prices, shipped right to your door or project.

Marble and Granite Dealer in India: Best marble and Granite for floor? granite for kitchen top? Car parking stones? we are the dealers of car parking stones in Chennai

MARBLE PALACE Stone Group An alliance of leading factories & quarries from around the world that links you straight to the source – delivering factory-direct pricing that improves your margins and pumps your profit. Based in, Florida, we're your international home based provider & partner, let us source your stone materials. We provide you with our advanced technology in computer numerical controland high-tech equipment at our facilities abroad. Our team of experienced MARBLE PALACE Group partners oversees all our production worldwide and is able to provide "you" our Distributors, Fabricators, Wholesalers, Architect, Designers, Builders & Developers' with the most beautiful Granite & Stone products in the world, with outstanding results and service saving you thousands. Be with the winning team. … An alliance of leading factories & quarries from around the world that links you straight to the source – delivering factory-direct pricing that improves your margins and pumps your profits. Real Granite- Real Marble- Made Simple. At MARBLE PALACE Stone Group, it's a sloganthat's etched in stone.The MARBLE PALACE-Stone program requires no investment. Buy only what you need - when you need it. Our goal is to service your business and to help you succeed. We want to provide you and your customer's quality, service & peace of mind. MARBLE PALACE Stone Group is a key service provider to the construction and stone industries. We offer a competitive advantage and unique opportunity for additional revenue streams by tapping the commercial and residential new-build and renovations markets. We meet your specifications simply and completely.

We provide experienced and skilled labours for all your flooring needs. Experienced labours for marble polishing fixing and laying and granite fixing and all other marble related works

Specialty products like Granites, Marbles, Quartz, Basalt, Slates, Soap-stones from around the world, Exotics, Statuary-marble, Crema-marfil, Limestone's, Travertine's, Monument-stone, Window-sills, Thresholds, Risers, Railings, Pavers, Cobble-stones, Tumble-stones, Architectural-stones, Flag-stones, Stack-stones, Curve-stone, Cap-stone, Corner-stones, Coral-stones, Fire-places, Slabs, Tiles, and much more. EXPERIENCED LABOURS… Hence we are also doing lobour work separately and also along with material.we have well qualified,well experienced labours and provided best training to them.Around 550 workers are working for our on-going projects. Kota stone and tandoor stone are the most popular and fast moving tiles as they can be used for steps, car parking , commercial areas.katni marbles, makrana marbles, onyx, green marble, pink marble, morvad white, Kota stone and tandoor stone.Marble Palace is the one stop place for all your housing needs at affordable prices. Our marble shop in Chennai offers katni marbles, makrana marbles, onyx, morwad, janjar, Jaisalmer Yellow Sandstone , majoli, green marble, pink marble, wonder marble, agaria marble, indo italian, makrana marble, morvad white, pista, nijarna white.

Marbles, Granites and natural stone wholesale company in India .Marble Palace is a Marbles, Granites and natural stone wholesale company with a solid position in the stone industry.We are a specification driven company that has the capacity to offer any range of product or budget. Whether your style is classic traditional or contemporary, Marble Palace can accommodate your needs. Flexibility for us is of paramount importance.

At Marble Palace, we take pride in our ability to meet the needs of both private customers and contractors. We understand the complex working conditions of a construction site as well as the care required when working in a private residence.Our company provides high-level of flooring solutions. Our reputation is based on professionalism and outstanding service, making us the supplier of choice for interior designers, architects, homebuilders, remodeling companies and Homeowners with the desire to have a unique and beautiful showpiece of natural stone.